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Accessing counselling isn’t always easy. If you live far away from a centre or are in a remote part of the country you might have limited access to face-to-face psychotherapy services, which makes finding treatment more difficult. If you don’t live near any physical services, remote counselling might be your best option for treatment. Telephone counselling was traditionally the only option available, but the internet has opened up several new options, including therapy over Skype. Finding out about this form of treatment and the different conditions it’s used for can help you determine whether it’s the best option for you.

What is Skype?

Skype is basically an internet telephone service, which allows you to talk to people for free using a microphone and a webcam. You simply download the software to your computer, install it and then start adding contacts. A webcam is not essential, but it allows face to face contact with the therapist, which helps establish a trusting relationship. They’re normally included on modern laptops, but you can buy them from retail outlets inexpensively. A headset contains both earphones and a microphone, and it helps to improve audio quality on calls and reduce echoes. For psychotherapy, the facsimile of ordinary conversation created by Skype means that sessions can be conducted in the ordinary way.

What are the Benefits of Counselling Over Skype?

There are numerous benefits to using Skype for counselling sessions. The first is that it completely removes transport costs associated with face-to-face treatment, and makes appointments much easier to schedule in. To attend a session, you only need access to a computer and a quiet room, so sessions can even be conducted on lunch breaks from work or between meetings, for example. There are also marked benefits for those in foreign countries who require counselling in English. If somebody is in Japan, for instance, they can still find a counsellor who speaks their mother tongue. Generally speaking, Skype therapy is also cheaper than face to face treatment.

What Conditions Can it Help?

Skype counselling can help with the majority of psychological conditions. Talking treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy and most other forms of psychotherapy don’t require any physical contact in order to be effective, so a wide range of issues can be tackled over Skype. For example, depression, anxiety conditions, bereavement, phobias, relationship problems and addiction can all be dealt with by a therapist over Skype. Some individuals might feel more comfortable talking to a counsellor in person, but anybody who is happy with it as a method of communication can use Skype counselling in place of face-to-face treatment for basically any psychological condition.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Treatment through Skype or any other remote counselling platform works in the same way as face to face treatment. The therapist endeavours to identify the root causes of the various issues the client is experiencing, and helps them confront any harmful associations they’ve built up over time. By tackling negative thought patterns and questioning damaging assumptions, the counsellor helps the individual take control of his or her own life and overcome any problems. Cognitive behavioural therapy is the most common type of counselling, but there are many other approaches such as humanistic and psychodynamic therapy.

If you or your loved one is struggling with a psychological condition we can help you find the right treatment. We’ll have a chat with you regarding your treatment options, and can conduct thorough assessments to work out your requirements. We regularly help our clients with a multitude of issues, and can conduct counselling both in person and remotely. Stop by our Luton offices in person or get in touch with us over the phone to see how we can help you! For more information about our costs for skype counselling services please see the about us page.



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