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Counselling Luton LU2 and Dunstable, Bedfordshire

We offer counselling services for most issues from our tranquil, secure, homely offices just minutes from the town centre at Basepoint in Luton LU2, Befordshire and Dunstable. We are  trained in multiple modalities and offer a range of therapuetic interventions to support clients through their current difficuties.

Some of the topics we cover include:

Group therapy

Group Therapy is becoming a more popular option within the NHS and Rehab Clinics

Many organisations are adopting the group therapy counselling approach for its large success and affordability. That said, group therapy does not suit everyone, it can be difficult for some to feel comfortable discussing intimate issues in a group setting. If you are unsure which type of counselling us best for you feel free to call us in confidence on (01582) 226 042.

Group therapy can make for a proactive learning environment when learning CBT strategies, 12 step programs and self help approaches. For addiction, relapse prevention and harm reduction sessions are well delivered in a group setting. Confidentiality can be an issue, so the best results are often seen in long term settings, when trust has established between the group members. MORE…….

Psychodynamic Counselling Luton

Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud, dubbed the ‘Father of Therapy’was a pioneer in the Counselling world. Freud (as he is commonly known) is probably most memorable for his work with the subconscious and dreamwork. (Read more)……

For the professional, we offer flexible contract counselling rooms to rent.

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Luton Counselling Payment Options

Luton Counselling Payment Options


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