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Anxiety Self Help Tips There are numerous ways to tackle an anxiety. Some are more effective than others. Self-help is a popular p

British Association for Counselling and Psych...

The unusual practice of attempting to “convert” homosexuals to heterosexuality has been officially deemed unethical by the Bri

Telephone Therapy Found to be as Effective as...

New research conducted in the east of England has found that cognitive behavioural therapy is just as effective over the phone as

Therapeutic Video Games Help With Conditions ...

Video Games Help With Conditions Such as Depression Video games are typically charged with corrupting our youth, adversely affecti

Memory Training Could Help with Depression

Memory Training Could Help with Depression New research published in Clinical Psychological Science indicates that memory training

Brain Scans Can Indicate Success of CBT for S...

Cognitive behavioural therapy success scanning A recent study has provided evidence that an fMRI (functional magnetic resonance im

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