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Anxiety Self Help Tips

There are numerous ways to tackle an anxiety. Some are more effective than others. Self-help is a popular place to start, and can often be effective, but for others the help of a trained counsellor proves invaluable.

Self help tips for anxiety
Overcome the negative impact of anixety

A number of professionals have recognised the fact that anxiety is not connected to genetics or intelligence, however,  it can have links to childhood and has been said to start as early as pregnancy for some.  Anxiety is a natural response to a sense of fear. It is an emotion which protects us from danger and is an important function in normal life. However, when people are in the position of seeking help for anxiety, it’s normally because this everyday emotion has run riot in their life and become totally preoccupying.

One of the best natural ways to reduce anxiety is through breathing. Though it may not seem like a major thing to do, it will have a profound effect on the lives of those who are affected by it. The right type of breathing can provide immediate relief and calm and help suffers regain control of their hijacked bodies. When breathing is performed in a deep, slow in and out manor,  anxiety can rapidly decrease. Deep breathing reduces tension and stress that are normally present when anxiety attacks. A top tip is top count slowly to seven on the inhalation through the nose and a slow count to seven on the exhalation through the nose.

A major symptom of anxiety is irrational thoughts, you can normally spot them as ‘What if’ statements. There are a number of CBT techniques which help sufferers to regain control of their irrational thoughts. Books such as Mind Over Mood by Christine Padesky are helpful to re-frame troublesome thoughts.

Anixety occurs when the brain is hyjacked so it’s important to regain control. Grounding exercise help to recentre the body in the here and now. There are many ground exercises but some quick and easy ways are to:

  1. Look for five things in the room you can see.
  2. Listen for five things you can hear.
  3. Touch five things with different textures.
  4. Look for five things in the room you can smell.

Taking the time to ground yourself will be a great help.

All those who have to deal with anxiety may do well to implement some form of personal meditation in their lives. If done in a positive way, meditation can have a dramatic on calming the body and refocusing the mind.  Yoga can be equally calming and supporting.

I’ve come across many in my practice that have tried some or all of the tips mentioned on that page, only to say ‘I’ve tried all that and none of it worked’. These are often the cases that respond well to the gentle guidance and support of private counselling.  If you are wondering if counselling might help, give us a call in confidence, we would love to hear from you. We work in person and via Skype.

If you have some top tips for overcoming anxiety and panic attacks, perhaps some things that have worked for you, please do send us an email and we will publish them on this blog.

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