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The manifestations of an anger problem can be both physically and psychologically damaging for anybody affected. Like all of our emotions, anger does serve a purpose, but in some cases it can get out of control. It’s been compared to an addiction because of the positive feelings that come from an angry outburst, from both the release of energy and the reaction it provokes in others. If you or your loved one is frequently angry and it’s causing problems in your personal, social or professional life, counselling might be able to help with anger management.  We have access to therapists in Luton and throughout the UK.

Anger is caused by a surge of adrenaline that helps us prepare for taking on a threat to our existence. If it is managed correctly, anger isn’t a problem, but most people don’t have a physical outlet because fighting isn’t socially acceptable. This means that the leftover energy from the chemical surge causes the individual to lash out at someone else, overreact to a different situation or even attack an inanimate object. Arguably the least psychologically healthy method is to suppress your anger and allow it to get pent up. The guilt that follows a huge overreaction often drives people to seek therapy.

The adrenaline rush that comes with anger increases the heart rate and breathing rate, as well as inducing sweating. The individual’s specific response to anger will differ, but they may swear, call people names, physically abuse, threaten people or turn it all onto themselves. If you don’t resolve your feelings of anger, you increase your risk of high blood pressure, depression and heart disease. A trained therapist is absolutely essential to truly tackle the issue, because the angry responses are usually deeply entrenched within the individual.

Therapy addresses the underlying causes which create those responses with the aim of teaching the individual to handle anger more effectively. One of the most common opening tasks for anger management programmes is to get the individual to make a dairy of their angry outbursts. Writing outbursts down helps the individual gain some perspective on the things that made them mad, and see patterns in the “triggers” which set their anger going. Identifying these factors helps you avoid situations in which you’re likely to get mad, or at least allows you to take your emotional reaction into consideration when you’re thinking issues through. These factors are referred to as “hooks,” because they literally drag individuals towards anger.

There aren’t many options available for people with anger problems aside from psychotherapy. Medicines are available to calm the individual down, but without tackling the underlying causes the problem will just resurface. Counselling for anger management is often conducted on a group basis, with several people sharing their thoughts on anger and telling their stories, but it can also be undertaken one-to-one. The aim is to break down negative or self-defeating thoughts, and the counsellors will also suggest alternative coping mechanisms to deal with anger in the future. Even simple measure like exercising more or meditating can help some individuals overcome their anger.

If you or your loved one is having trouble with anger, we can help you get the treatment you need. Anger is an unavoidable part of life, but if it mounts up it turns into a serious and potentially dangerous condition that requires psychotherapy. We can help you determine your specific requirements, and we’ll suggest lower-level home remedies if they might be useful. We know you’re going through trying times, and we want to ensure you get the right treatment.

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